Employee Satisfaction

Our employees are our most important resource. That’s why we base our Workplace and Wellbeing Policy on trust, pride, and unity—and a commitment between management and employees to build and maintain these values for a positive, supportive, and welcoming work culture.

2021 Goal: 95% employee attendance 

2021 Result: 96,6% employee attendance 

*Data from DK


of employees feel motivated
engaged in their work.

*Data from Group Employee Satisfaction Survey


of employees are satisfied
with their work-life balance.

*Data from Group Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employees rank their overall job satisfaction as

*Data from Group Employee Satisfaction Survey



of employees feel a sense of unity and cohesion. 

*Data from Group Employee Satisfaction Survey

Winning stories – People

A winning way to achieve ambitious CSR goals

It takes us all to win it all. And for that reason, in 2018, we established Eltwin’s CSR Award in Denmark to engage the organization in our CSR strategy.

Each year, our employees can nominate a colleague that they think deserve the award. Decided by a judging panel, the CSR Award is given to an employee who, through social empathy, innovation, purposefulness or in some other way, has managed to reflect the meaning of one or more of our seven CSR values.

For example, in 2021, Lene Nielsen, Internal Sales, won the award because of her incredible focus on customer and business ethics, her contribution to our work happiness, and her ability to always make the right decisions even though they are hard to take.

Ensuring that our employees are actively engaged in our CSR strategy means that we are empowered to achieving our ambitious CSR goals.