Our business is built on compliance with laws and strong ethics, emphasizing honesty, transparency, and trust while prohibiting bribery and conflicts of interest. Various policies, including Sustainability principles, Workplace and Wellbeing Policy, and Whistleblowing Policy, guide our operations.

We strive to exceed customer expectations to foster long-term partnerships and sustainable profitability.

Effective leadership entails vision, creativity, and the ability to inspire others to propel the organization forward.

2023 Goals:
All direct suppliers must sign a Business Code of Conduct
20% business growth
8.5/10 average score customer satisfaction

2023 Results:
1/3 of all direct suppliers signed a Business Code of Conduct
39% business growth
7.7/10 average score customer satisfaction

How will we win in the future?
In 2023 a new structured approach to collect signed Code of Conducts were initiated and will fully be implemented in 2024. The whole approval process of suppliers will be gathered in one platform and therefore all suppliers will need to sign again. Going forward, this will also set higher standards and make the goal reachable.

Winning stories

Supporting NIBE Sustainability Goals

By supporting NIBE's sustainability goals, we're actively contributing to targets such as reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

In our view, it entails a responsibility that Eltwin Group is a part of the NIBE Group. Therefore, we have an ambition to contribute to these sustainability goals.

Customers rank our portfolio’s ability to meet their needs as


Customers rank our delivery on time as


Customers rank the quality of our products as 


Customers rank their cooperation with Eltwin as

*Data from Group Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023


Case Story

Self-logging Curing Process For Wind Turbine Blade Repair

A collaboration between Lund & Sørensen A/S and Eltwin Group resulted in the first mover development of a heat blanket controller for repairs of wind turbine blades. No compromises were made on the size or to ensure the safety of the technicians.

Employer Branding

In the fall three eltwinners spend a day telling about their everyday life working at Eltwin Group. Vidoes truly capturing the culture and atmosphere at Eltwin Group was the result of that.

Here, you get to join a global team of Eltwinners — playful professionals who are in it for the long run. With a can-do mindset, a heart-beating passion, and a winning mentality to always make a powerful impact together.

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Incidences of corruption

*Annual sustainability reporting 2023

Employees rank their managers priority of well-being in the workplace

*Data from Employee Satisfaction Survey 2023



Employees rank their options to develop their skills and learn something new to 69/100.

*Data from Employee Satisfaction Survey 2023