Power electronics for your needs

We help companies all over the world make a bigger impact – both environmentally and financially – by offering highly efficient, reliable, and innovative solutions that meet every application needs. And we are eager to help you, too.

How to build trust across continents
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Self-logging curing process for wind turbine blade repair
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Choose Hyper to maximize starting efficiency

Eltwin Hyper designs, manufactures, and exports single- and 3-phase soft starters that ensure your compressors start optimally every time by dramatically reducing the starting current while at the same time offering maximum starting torque.

We are located in the USA and Australia, which enables us to deliver soft starters to customers all over the world.

Make responsibility a win-win situation

Responsibility permeates our business. The way we think. The way we act. From A-Z. With good reason. Because it means that we can offer you environmentally-friendly and highly efficient solutions manufactured at the highest standards. And it means that your company will win – just like our planet.