Our Mission

- to push technology forward to create sustainable products for climate protection

Our Vision

- to be a world class supplier of high tech energy-saving and sustainable products


Our overall target is to combine a strong, sustainable growth with healthy profitability and create shareholder value. We also aim to be an interesting and stimulating workplace for employees, and attracting satisfied customers who appreciate the quality products Eltwin Group develops, produces and supplies. Our activities will be characterized by transparency and accountability.


Eltwin was founded in 1976 and is today a group of companies consisting of the parent company Eltwin, that develops, sells and manufactures industrial electronics, and partly by Eltwin Sp.Z-oo, which is a factory specifically for volume production, and finally the subsidiary Motron as, which is the distributor of electronic sensors. Eltwins special area is control and adjustment of electric motors.

Eltwin is a medium-sized electronics company based in Aarhus, Aarhus, with more than 150 skilled employees and a modern production plant provides the setting for a modern company with over 30 years experience in the supply of industrial electronics solutions to customers throughout Europe.


Eltwin A/S

High product mix - low volume


Eltwin Sp.Zo.o

High volume - low product mix