We are on a mission to push technology forward to create sustainable products for climate protection – and your bottom line.

We do this by offering highly efficient, reliable and innovative power electronics that match your application needs. And we are good at it.

For more than 40 years, we have powered our customers’ environmental and financial impact, which makes us the sustainable electronics partner.


1 group. 4 brands. Multiple benefit.

When partnering with Eltwin Group, you get access to a wide range of specialist competencies that will help meet your specific needs.

Our group consists of Eltwin, Eltwin Hyper, Eltwin IC and Eltwin Motron. Each of the four brands house dedicated specialists who are setting new standards within automation controls. Our solutions match your application needs. So, no matter whether you need a customized solution or standard product, we are ready to help you.

Good news. We're a part of NIBE Group.

Eltwin Group is a part of NIBE Group – a global organization, with more than 21,000 employees, that contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and better utilization of energy.

NIBE develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of eco-friendly, energyefficient solutions for indoor climate comfort in all types of property within the three business areas: Climate Solutions, Element and Stoves.

Additionally, NIBE also offers components and solutions for intelligent heating and controls in industry and infrastructure.

More innovative thinking. Bigger impact.

Some people see innovation as a nice little add-on to their core business. We don’t. Neither do you. Because innovating highly efficient and environmentally friendly solutions is key to your ability to make a positive impact – both environmentally and financially.

To engineer new standards, our modern production facilities and development center is united under one roof. Here our skilled engineers, who all possess extensive knowledge of HVAC and industrial applications, have the perfect setup for
innovating and helping you become technological first movers.

To give you peace of mind throughout the processes, we value project management very highly. We have several certifications and work according to the PRINCE2 project-management principles to ensure you a wellstructured and rewarding process and outcome.

Eltwin develops, manufactures, and sells power electronics for a variety of HVAC and industrial applications.

With more than 40 years of experience, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. That is why we customize our solutions to match your individual needs. Our dedicated application focus is based on existing building blocks to give you the unique benefits of customization and the reliability of a well-proven technology.

Seek Eltwin
when you

We’re specialists in power electronics for automation.

People come to us when they need a dedicated solution for energy optimization. And we are, in all modesty, good at it.

From our own production plants in Denmark, Poland and Australia, we supply OEM controls to leading manufacturers across the world. We are famously known for our speed control of AC and DC motors, and electronic controls. But we are also producing electronic interfaces in the form of intelligent displays as well as efficient I/O cards. Always adapted to the specific application, of course.

To help ease your processes, we also offer a complete package of sensors and transmitters. Combine this with our application knowledge and customized products, and we are your total supplier of controls and solutions.

Our solutions in action

It’s nice to talk about product details but it’s even better to talk about the positive impact they make. Our power electronics solutions increase the performance and energy optimization of a wide range of applications including:

Ventilation for buildings, compressors, hot-water recirculation, industrial mixingmachines, roof ventilation, lifting equipment and more …

Choose Hyper to maximize starting efficiency

Eltwin Hyper designs, manufactures, and exports single- and 3-phase soft starters that ensure your compressors start optimally every time by dramatically reducing the starting current while at the same time offering maximum starting torque.

We are located in the USA and Australia, which enables us to deliver soft starters to customers all over the world.

Choose IC when you need a soft start

IC is an Eltwin brand with a long-standing tradition in industrial semiconductor technology. This is only possible thanks to the combination of our constant push for innovating new solutions and our refusal to compromise on quality and reliability. With vast experience in the field of power electronics and industrial applications, we offer you a unique program of electronic contactors and soft starters.

Feel the power with sensors from Motron

Are you searching for the latest sensor technology? Then Motron is what you’re looking for.

We are a modern networking company that operates in an international knowledge and production network. This gives us maximum insight into the latest industrialsensor technology, which enables us to support our customers.