Our advanced production and administration sites are worth nothing without our people. To put it simply, our employees are the single-most important part of Eltwin Group and that is why we provide them with the optimum conditions to thrive.

Our objective is zero accidents. And we work continually to improve our services, machinery and production processes in order to optimize the working environment in line with existing legislation.

Since 2016, we have been certified according to ISO 45001 Pdf, 169 kB.. We value the health and safety of every employee and fight all forms of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Last but not least, we support human development. Today, our employees are encouraged to keep upgrading their skillsets through different courses – and every year we welcome highly skilled interns, who want to expand and power up their knowledge.

Working environment is a management task.
Well-being is a shared responsibility.

I like the high degree of autonomy in my work, and the continuous opportunity to grow my skills and knowledge. The flat structure and short distances in the organization mean that everyone is welcome to express their opinion and make suggestions.
Marcos Rejas
R&D Engineer
After more than 40 years in the company, I’m still challenged every day – and I like it. Some of my co-workers, I feel I have known for a lifetime. And we are always good at celebrating the milestones of company and colleagues.
Marianne Rask
SMD Operator
I have a great variety of tasks and the freedom to solve them independently. This is very fulfilling for me. I enjoy our teamwork here and cherish the positive impact our products have on the Earth – for the sake of our children…
Malene Darre
HR Manager
I enjoy the friendly and inclusive culture that welcomes all ideas and that strives towards the success of the business and the happiness of the employees. The leading-edge energy-efficient technology in our teams brings passion, ideas, and a sense of purpose; ingredients that make the difference between a job and a career.
Mitch Gulseth
Business Area Manager North America