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  • CSR crew doing another year of volunteer work

    Wednesday May 31, 15 eltwinners were part of this year's CSR crew and participated in voluntary work at Sølund Musik Festival and as last year, we had...
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  • Welcome to Daniel Bo Rønnest Andersen and Michael Kindberg Mønster

    We are happy to welcome both Daniel Bo Rønnest Andersen as a Hardware Engineer in our R&D department and Michael Kindberg Mønster as Software Engineer...
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  • Welcome to Camilla Østergaard Jensen and Robert Vargas Nielsen

    Two new Eltwinners join our team, and we are happy to welcome both Camilla Østergaard Jensen as Purchaser and Robert Vargas Nielsen as Business Contro...
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  • Welcome to Szymon Przybył

    We happily welcome Szymon Przybył to Eltwin Group in his new position as Group Quality Manager.
    With a MSc in Electrical Engineering from West Pomerani...
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  • Welcome to Mette Schwarz Hansen, Nicole Kristensen and Emilia Madsen

    We are glad to welcome Mette Schwarz Hansen, Nicole Kristensen and Emilia Madsen.All three join our Supply Chain department, Mette as a planner and Ni...
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