We prioritize fair treatment, diversity, and respect for all employees and partners, rejecting harassment, discrimination, and labor violations. We support local communities and institutions, promote our products responsibly, and avoid political involvement.

Our Workplace and Wellbeing Policy fosters trust, pride, and unity, ensuring a positive and supportive work environment.

2023 Goals:
95 % employee attendance
2 % of employees should be apprentices and interns

2023 Results:
87.2 % employee attendance
4.7 % of employees are apprentices and interns

Winning stories

Empowering Future Professionals

We value providing students with practical experiences to develop into skilled professionals. Collaborating with them enriches us as a company, and we're pleased to see many interns transition into full-time roles.

It's an investment in our future success and the broader community.


Employees evaluate their workplace's focus on their health to 76/100.

*Employee Satisfaction Survey 2023


Employees value how pleasent the communication tone in the workplace is to 80/100.


of employees say they do not encounter bullying at work.


of employees say they have not been discriminated against.

*Employee Satisfaction Survey 2023


Employees rank their motivation
commitment in their work to 83/100.

*Data from Group Employee Satisfaction Survey 2023


Employees rank their satisfaction
with their work-life balance to 79/100.

*Data from Group Employee Satisfaction Survey 2023

Winning stories

A Meaningful Internship

Many were challenged during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was also the case for Tobias. After a period of mental challenges, which resulted in him discontinuing his studies, he was granted a program at the school Gimle through the municipality.

It was through Gimle we got in touch with Tobias, who had an interest in our field and wanted to learn more about working as an Electronic Technician.


Employees evaluate their sense of community, togetherness and cohesion to 75/100 with their colleagues.

*Data from Group Employee Satisfaction Survey 2023

Employees rank their overall job satisfaction as

*Data from Group Employee Satisfaction Survey 2023



Employees in the group


Training and education
number of hours


Production employees


Administrative employees

Winning stories

Partnership With Engineers Without Borders

Eltwin Group partners with Engineers Without Borders to enhance clean water access in Sierra Leone by developing a new generation of monitoring technology for water towers.

This collaboration aims to improve maintenance efficiency and ensure steady access to safe drinking water in rural and urban areas. Through the project, Eltwin Group demonstrates its commitment to leveraging its expertise for positive societal impact.


Women employed


Men employed


Women in managerial positions


Men in managerial positions