Our Earth is the prerequisite for a shared prosperous future — now and in the generations to come. We aim to improve our positive environmental handprint by creating products for climate protection. And also, by reducing our negative environmental impact — our footprint.

2023 Goals:

A minimum of 60% of used materials must be recycled
A maximum of 10% of total waste must be small combustible waste
A maximum, 2% of total waste must be landfill

2023 Results:

64% of used materials were recycled
17% of total waste is small combustible waste
0.8% of total waste is landfill

How will we win in the future?
With an action plan, awareness campaings and clarification of waste sorting we expect to see the numbers of small combustible waste to drop in 2024.

*Data from DK

Customers rank the importance of sustainability as


*Data from Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023


Winning stories

GHG Carbon Footprint 2020 - 2023

Our carbon footprint report, includes scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, as part of its commitment to NIBE Group's sustainability objectives, striving for carbon neutrality by 2050 and a 65% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, while actively addressing scope 3 emissions through ongoing data collection and collaboration across our value chain.

Winning stories

Driving Change Through LCA

Embarking on our sustainability journey, Eltwin Group partners with EnergySolution A/S to conduct an LCA on our PURE Drive product, prioritizing transparency and durability alongside quality, shaping a future where environmental responsibility is intertwined with our commitment to excellence.

Winning stories

The Sustainable Switch To Propane

EU has now signed a directive coming into force in 2027, forcing the heat pump industry to implement changes. The new refrigerants in focus are CO2 and Propane.