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As your partner, we are extremely committed to offering you the highest standards. Therefore, we are certified in accordance with some of the highest and most relevant standards. See and download our different certifications below.

Stay safe with UL categorized products

As a Danish manufacturer of motor controllers and electronic contactors, Eltwin has been categorized in accordance with UL 508 (UL Standard for Safety for Industrial Control Equipment).

UL 508 defines the requirements for the start, stop, regulation control and protection of electric motors and associated equipment. We have also elected to have ourproducts tested in accordance with Canadian safety standards. We have, therefore, been granted permission to equip our products with the "C UL US LISTED" mark.

UL is exclusively a product certification, which is why products are subjected to inspection. In order to check that the certified products continue to fulfill the safety
requirements placed upon them, UL regularly carries out unannounced factory visits, including inspection of production and testing, and has the authority to take samples for testing in its own laboratories.

If you are a supplier of materials or components for our UL-approved products, you will be asked to supply documentation for approval, e.g. a CoC.

Code of Conduct

As a company operating across borders, in a wide range of jurisdictions with local and international laws and regulations, we are dedicated and committed to developing a sustainable culture and business practices. We expect both our employees, our suppliers and other business partners to comply with the law and act ethically at all times and to contribute to our sustainability profile by demonstrating the same high ethical standards as ours.

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Business Code for Indirect Material and Service Suppliers: