Strong Leadership

Strong leadership is about having a vision, creativity, and the ability to influence others to support them — all to move an organization forward and find new paths where the business can evolve and prosper.

2022 Goal: 20% business growth 

2022 Result: 13.12% business growth

How will we win in the future? 

Eltwin is dedicated to boosting business with a customer-first approach: by working closely with customers to strengthen and build relationships, we develop innovative products of the highest quality, secure the entire value chain, and improve our work with industry-standard compliances.


Employees rank their willingness to recommend others to apply for a position at Eltwin Group to 77/100.

*Data from Employee Satisfaction Survey


Employees rank their options to develop their skills and learn something new to 65/100.

*Data from Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employees rank their managers priority of well-being in the workplace

*Data from Employee Satisfaction Survey


Winning stories – People

Win it together

To meet the anticipated needs of our clients, we expect we will need to double Eltwin Group’s production over the next two years. Retaining and recruiting the right talent will be vital to this.

In 2022, we developed and launched a new employer brand, which emphasizes how Eltwinners can help lead the way in terms of sustainability.