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Win it together

With global decarbonization targets rapidly approaching and eye-watering energy prices, demand for green solutions is skyrocketing. To meet the expected needs of our clients, we expect we will need to double our production over the next two years.

Retaining and recruiting the right talent will be vital to this, which is why we developed and launched a new employer brand in 2022. Centered around the People Promise ‘(W)In it together’, the employer brand emphasizes the leadership role Eltwinners can take in the green transition.

The employer brand is split into three pillars – Influence, Thrive, Impact – all of which highlight our CSR principle of strong leadership in some way:

Influence refers to how Eltwinners can take ownership of their work and how Eltwin Group’s flat hierarchy facilitates innovation.
Thrive honors the company’s first-mover mentality and its agility within the market.
Impact highlights Eltwin Group’s strong sustainability profile and how Eltwinners can make a noticeable difference.