Employee Satisfaction

Our employees are our most important resource. That’s why we base our Workplace and Wellbeing Policy on trust, pride, and unity—and a commitment between management and employees to build and maintain these values for a positive, supportive, and welcoming work culture.

2020 Goal: 95% employee attendance 

2020 Result: 96,5% employee attendance 


of employees feel motivated and engaged in their work.


of employees have confidence and job satisfaction.

Employees rank their overall job satisfaction as



of employees feel a sense of unity and cohesion. 

*Survey figures are from Eltwin’s headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark.

Winning stories – People

Nurturing long-term career development 

Now approaching her tenth year at Eltwin, Malgorzata Kurowska set clear career goals from day one. An ambitious, hard-working woman, Malgorzata began as a PCB board operator and is now a Process Manager, responsible for implementing project plans and overseeing a large team.

Learn how Malgorzata’s own journey has fulfilled her career ambitions and inspired her to provide the same support to her colleagues.