Business Ethics

Our business relations and business methods are based on compliance with legislation and the application of good business ethics. We demand honesty, transparency and mutual trust. We prohibit bribery. We do not accept gifts and other benefits. And all employees must avoid any conflict of interest between private and professional issues. 

2020 Goal: All suppliers must sign a Business Code of Conduct. 

2020 Result: All suppliers signed a Business Code of Conduct. 


incidences of corruption. 

*Annual sustainability reporting.

Winning stories – People

A winning approach to honest partnership  

“We live by the principle of good business ethics. It’s not something we have to think about — it’s in our DNA,” says Ole Kjærsgaard Mortensen, Sales Manager at Eltwin.

He continues, “I know with certainty that we have customers and employees who work with Eltwin because of our position on ethical business and honest partnership. We
strive for a better, more sustainable world, and they want to be a part of our mission.” Plus, Eltwin ensures that all suppliers sign a Business Code of Conduct — and all employees participate in a business ethics course to ensure it shapes the standards of every department.