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Nurturing long-term career development

In 2012, Malgorzata Kurowska sat opposite her future manager, Mariusz Gałazkiewicz, during an interview for an HMD operator position at Eltwin. When
asked where she saw herself in a few years, Malgorzata replied: “I want to be a manager.”

Motivated by a crystal-clear ambition and driven by a committed work ethic, Malgorzata achieved that dream. She is now a Process Manager, responsible for critical manual processes and a large team of colleagues.

Malgorzata spent her first three months as an HMD operator working closely with Kim Sørensen, CEO at Eltwin PL, who taught her how to assemble PCB boards and check for quality along the way. That inspired her first move upward.

“During my first two years, I worked as a quality controller. Along with having input on overall quality standards, I trained as a specialist in IPC standards and helped introduce ISO systems into our quality process,” says Malgorzata.

To support the implementation of ISO systems, Malgorzata helped with the documentation for quality and environmental standards and supported internal and external audits.

With the evolution of her role and competencies came new professional interests: “When I took courses in ISO systems and IPC certification, I decided to study human resources and other subjects to help me build and broaden my skills.”

And as the company grew, so did Malgorzata. When Eltwin moved to its current facility in Stargard, Poland, she shifted gears to work in the production department.

For the last five years, she has been a Process Manager in manual processes — in other words, anything handled by human hands. Her role requires expertise in quality and clearly defined systems — and, importantly, in managing a large group of people.

“It's important that I give my employees the same support and encouragement I've always had.”

“It's important that I give my employees the same support and encouragement I've always had. I chat with them to hear about their needs and expectations so that we can create the future they want at our company.”

The spirit of mutual support — and the relatively flat management structure built around problem-solving and growth — helped Malgorzata carve out the career she dreamed of having. But it’s also her ambition, drive, and talent that reflects the ethos of Eltwin’s employees across every department.

“Eltwin has given me so much satisfaction. I’m fulfilled as an employee and as a manager — and I appreciate how my managers have helped me create my career at Eltwin.”