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Empowering Future Professionals

In the picture:
Casper Leonhardt Løhde - former apprentice, now full time PTA Engineer
Nikolaj Elias Clausen - apprentice
Jakob Nørgaard - former student worker and thesis collaboration, now full time R&D Engineer
Nicole Hebel Stauersbøll Kristensen - former intern, now Student Worker

At Eltwin Group, we recognize the significance of providing students with practical experiences to develop into qualified professionals. Collaborating with students not only allows us to witness their eagerness to learn and contribute but also provides us with valuable insights as a company. In addition to imparting skills, we learn a great deal from the perspectives of these young minds.

"At Eltwin, you are assigned tasks with responsibility even though you are 'just an intern or student assistant', which removes the feeling of being 'just an intern/student assistant', and it's really nice to be included in that way."

- Emilia Holmgren Madsen, former intern, now Student Worker

In 2023, we engaged in 14 collaborations, at our Danish site, with students across various settings such as student employment, apprenticeships, internships, in-company projects, and academic collaboration such as master's theses and bachelor projects. Similarly, at our Polish site we had 12 collaborations with students from Electronics Engineering. All collaborations have greatly enriched Eltwin Group, offering diverse perspectives and valuable insights from both our team members and external students.

During the spring, Sille Sørensen and Mia Mailykke have, in cooperation with Eltwin Group, been working on their Master's Thesis in CSR Communication on LinkedIn in a B2B context.

The aim of the thesis was to investigate how SMEs in the tech industry are using LinkedIn to communicate CSR initiatives as part of their corporate branding and why SMEs in the tech industry are using LinkedIn as a tool for communicating CSR to strengthen corporate identity.

We are particularly pleased to see some of our interns continuing to work with us as student workers, while others have transitioned into full-time positions upon completing their studies. This demonstrates the success of our investment in nurturing talent and fostering a supportive environment for growth.

Ultimately, our commitment to collaborating with students extends beyond immediate benefits; it's a strategic investment in the future of our company, the communities we serve, and society as a whole.