Thesis cooperation about CSR communication on LinkedIn

During the spring, Sille Sørensen and Mia Mailykke have, in cooperation with Eltwin Group, been working on their Master's Thesis in CSR Communication on LinkedIn in a B2B context.

The aim of the thesis was to investigate how SMEs in the tech industry are using LinkedIn to communicate CSR initiatives as part of their corporate branding and why SMEs in the tech industry are using LinkedIn as a tool for communicating CSR to strengthen corporate identity.

Earlier in the spring, Sille and Mia interviewed our CSR & Marketing department to gather data for their thesis, and last week they held a thorough presentation with their findings. At Eltwin, we are on a rapid growth journey where we are constantly learning and improving. The well-analyzed insights from Sille and Mia have given us a great set of tools to continue our work with CSR communication on LinkedIn.

Sille and Mia have just finished their Master's in Strategic Communication at Aarhus University with a successful defense of their thesis. With big congratulations, we thank both of them for the exciting and enlightening cooperation and wish them the best of luck on their future journey.