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Partnership with Engineers Without Borders

In 2023 Eltwin Group was looking for a partnership with a non-profit NGO within our own industry. At Eltwin Group we have always appreciated having the opportunity to help others. Our main driver to engage in this project is our passion to help local communities and support an initiative that creates a positive impact on society.

In the search for a partnership, we teamed up with the Danish part of the international organization, Engineers Without Borders (EWB). It is a technical-humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the living conditions for distressed and vulnerable people in poor countries. They believe that there is a great potential in raising the technological level in some of the least developed countries and thereby supporting the development of these countries moving forward. One of the focus areas for EWB is providing clean water and better sanitation which is the project Eltwin Group has been contributing to.

The importance of monitoring water towers

Access to safe drinking water is a fundamental human right, yet millions of people still lack access to this necessity. Insufficient infrastructure and maintenance are two contributing factors to the challenges in obtaining safe drinking water. Water towers play a vital role in storing and distributing safe drinking water to communities. Regular monitoring is essential to identify potential issues in the drinking water supply early on, ensuring timely maintenance and thereby a steady supply of clean water.

Eltwin Group’s contribution to a new generation of the EWB Monitor

Since 2018 Engineers Without Borders has used the EWB Monitor for monitoring the functionality and water consumption of community water towers. The monitors provide safe drinking water in both rural and urban areas of Sierra Leone.
A new generation of the monitor was developed in a collaboration between Eltwin Group, EWB Denmark, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and DIS – CREADIS Engineering Solutions & Consulting. And with the local partners SEND SIERRA LEONE and World Hope International. During the summer 2023, we produced prototypes of the new generation EWB Monitor and a series of 50 pieces of an EWB Monitor. Furthermore, Eltwin Group’s PCB suppliers have contributed to the project by providing the PCB’s free of charge.

We are very pleased to be a part of this partnership and project. We hope for even more positive impact in the future!