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Driving Change Through LCA

In a reality where sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly urgent, Eltwin Group strives to be a part of the development. Therefore, we decided to start the project with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on one of our products. We teamed up with EnergySolution A/S who carried out the LCA study for us. LCA is a decision-supporting tool that can assess and quantify the environmental impact of a product or service lifecycle throughout its lifetime.

The year 2023 was the start of our LCA journey. With heightened attention to the environmental impact of our products, we want to be prepared for future requirements. Our first LCA on our PURE Drives serves as our baseline and aims to provide transparency and contribute to learning about sustainability optimization. With the LCA on our PURE Drives, we look more closely into material usage, component selection, supplier choices and CO2 emissions. Moreover, we get the opportunity to raise awareness on the emissions of our products and how we can incorporate this in the future development of the products.

Decided in a partnership with NIBE Group, our drives are designed to have an expected lifespan of 18 years. This meaning that we set high standards for quality of our drives, ensuring that our products are not only aiming to be environmentally friendly but also reliable and durable. For Eltwin Group sustainability and quality are not opposites but closely connected. We take this into account in our work with LCA on our products.

Our start of the LCA project is more than a study. It’s a story of commitment and a vision of a more sustainable future. And while the journey may not always be easy, we are determined to continue our work and improve ourselves, thereby contributing to a better tomorrow.