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The kids are alright at Eltwin

Due to a proud tradition of employee loyalty, there is a strong core of Eltwinners that have been with us for many years and who remain vital to our ambitions. In recent years, however, Eltwin Group has been working hard to attract more young professionals, so the company is better prepared for the long-term future.

That’s why, to bring our average age down, Eltwin focused on babies in 2022.

Wait! No, not recruiting babies…

Instead, Eltwin introduced improved parental leave benefits to better reflect contemporary expectations and new parental leave legislation in Denmark. Eltwin now offers salaried employees in Denmark a maximum of 25 weeks of parental leave at full pay per child. A benefit that is at least four times what they received under the previous system.

Feedback from current Eltwinners was one of the key reasons that parental leave was put on the agenda.

"..parental leave benefits are an important factor for young professionals when looking for employment."

“You don’t need to have a PhD to know that parental leave benefits are an important factor for young professionals when looking for employment. Two years ago, we held a feedback session with some of our younger Eltwinners to gain a better understanding of what could make our company more attractive. Improved parental leave was one response we just kept hearing,” explains Malene Darre, Eltwin’s HR Manager.

“It’s an expensive period when you become a parent, and it’s even more expensive if you must accept reduced pay for most of it. It also makes a difference in the long run because when you get full pay you also get full pension payments.”

The move means that Eltwin’s parental leave offering is now on par with many of its Danish competitors. This is particularly vital for recruiting developmental engineers, who are currently in high demand.