Training our next generation of supply chain professionals

Recruiting qualified supply chain professionals can be a challenge. At Eltwin, we cooperate with educational institutions because we, as a company, take responsibility for providing young people with opportunities to develop.

For several years, our supply chain team has cooperated with VIA University College and their Value Chain Management program, and so far, we have completed 7 internships. This year, we also have 2 groups writing their Bachelor theses.

We find that the students bring new perspectives, fresh energy, and an eagerness to learn to Eltwin.

Over the years, our interns have worked with the daily operation of both planning and purchasing, as well as a wealth of projects, covering: Value stream mapping in our production, managing a stock take, creating process descriptions, facility layout, creating useful macros, and performing numerous data analyses. They may not have the same experience as other employees, but they are quick learners and can dedicate more time to a project than is typically possible in a busy everyday life.

At Eltwin, we are aware that having interns requires resources, and therefore we thoroughly assess how many interns we can take under our own wings. It’s important for us that both we and they get the best possible experience, and we only do that by making sure that we have the time for them. To us, it’s important to prioritize finding interesting and relevant tasks and responsibilities for the interns. Our experience is that a mix of daily operation and different projects gives the best opportunities for learning while adding value to the company. We also see that a thorough internship works as a great way for training and recruiting future employees.

Overall, it is very rewarding to have interns. On a personal level, it’s nice to be able to help young people start their professional careers with relevant experience. On a professional level, we are confident that good interns make good future employees, both as part-time student assistants while they finish their study and afterwards,” says Supply Chain Manager, Jeppe Høst Lassen.

On the picture is Peter Færch Freudendahl, current student worker and previous intern, and Nicole Hebel Stauersbøll Kristensen and Emilia Holmgren Madsen, current interns.