Welcome to Bodil Kirk

We are glad to welcome Bodil Kirk, who joins our R&D team as Project Manager.

Bodil has a background as mechanical engineer and has over the years gained a large variety of competencies not only as a mechanical engineer but furthermore as a teacher and technical project manager. Bodil has also experience in developing process models - Competencies and experience we look very much forward for Bodil to bring to Eltwin.

As project manager in our R&D, Bodil’s focus will be on facilitating processes and workflows by not only creating them but by changing the mindset and approach as she says:

Processes are dynamic, and it is, therefore, crucial to not only create the processes but to change the mindset and “walk the talk” and gain knowledge accordingly. I look very much forward to begin this journey at Eltwin Group.

In her spare time, Bodil enjoys rowing an inrigger boat. Being on the water gives Bodil great joy and renewed energy, which is clear to see in the smile she brings to the office every morning.

We welcome Bodil to the Eltwin Group with open arms and congratulate her on the new position.