Congratulations to Jesper

We happily congratulate - now former apprentice - Jesper Egeberg Christoffersen on his graduation day. Jesper has successfully passed his apprenticeship test in January 2020 and is now graduated as an electronics technician.

After the basic course in 2017, Jesper started his apprenticeship at Eltwin. During his apprenticeship, he achieved knowledge, skills and competences within electronics and worked with talented engineers. Jesper also has an education in retail sales. He previously worked as a customer supporter, but found he wanted to work with electronics and technology. He always had an interest in exploring this, and therefore decided to become an electronics technician.

Privately, Jesper lives in Aarhus and is 32 years old. He has a huge passion for music, plays instruments, and sings in his spare time.

Jesper continues to work in Eltwin as a Research & Development supporter. Mainly his responsibilities are maintenance and servicing various equipment and the premises. It is a pleasure to have Jesper continuing his great work at Eltwin.