"We think it's really strong that we haven't come up with a box the size of a 20-foot container, but a small box that doesn't weigh much. A detail of significant importance."


When there is a demand in the market, you should act on it. Lund & Sørensen A/S reached out to Eltwin Group to have a controller with a data logger function developed for their existing heat blankets used for curing blade repairs. This collaboration positioned them as first movers in the market.

The market demand necessitated a better and more reliable form of monitoring and logging of measured values - a critical technology for generating valid documentation in repair reports. Normally, this process is carried out manually every half an hour, spanning the 4-8 hours required for the repair. This means that the technicians must remain on the repair spot throughout the entire process.


The solution was quite simple, yet the product was nowhere to be found in the market. Lund & Sørensen A/S believed that Eltwin Group could be a suitable partner in developing this product.

A controller with a data logger function is the answer to the demand. With the data logger, all the necessary measurements are taken while the technicians can safely leave the repair spot. The data is both valid and reliable, and the technicians no longer had to spend his day hanging on the blade. If the technicians need guidance, they can simply scan the QR code on the controller and be guided directly to the user manual. It is a win-win solution, according to Peter G. Johannessen from Lund & Sørensen.


The market has not seen a similar product until now, so we are first movers – and we really like that," says Peter G. Johannessen. The heat blanket controller has already showed great test results and created significant interest, particularly in the US market. Thanks to a talented team of engineers at Eltwin Group, the product has been thoroughly tested and can meet the criteria for trouble-free operation even in harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, is it a great achievement that the controller has the same size as other products on the market, which do not have the datalogger. “We think it's really strong that we haven't come up with a box the size of a 20-foot container, but a small box that doesn't weigh much. A detail of significant importance”, Says Peter G. Johannessen.

Peter G. Johannessen

Global Sales Manager, Lund & Sørensen

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