Ensure soft start-and-stop functionality with integrated dynamic brake.

Achieve a basic soft start-and-stop functionality with the extremely cost-effective and compact soft-start controller SMC3/SMC32/SMC33 with integrated dynamic brake.

Supply voltage and current range

• 400-480 Volts

• 25 A


The SMBC 3 soft-start controllers with integrated dynamic brake is developed for 3-phase motor applications with 2 controlled phases.

Features and benefits

  • Universal control voltage
  • Output signal for bypass and control of mechanical brake
  • Compact size
  • Easy DIN rail mounting
  • Robust semiconductor design
  • Almost unlimited number of starts per hour without derating
  • Individual and accurate ramp time with rotary switches
  • Adjustable starting torque from 0–85% of the direct on-line torque