Working Environment Responsibility

Eltwin Group has since June 2016 been certified according to OHSAS18001, since we want to offer attractive jobs where the working environment, well-being and lifelong development are paramount.

Our employees shall be ensured job satisfaction and a safe working environment. The objective is zero accidents at work. We are working to prevent ergonomic issues and remain updated on process and material development to minimise the consumption of substances detrimental to the working environment.

We work continually to improve our services, production machinery and production processes in relation to quality, environmental impact and working environment - and, of course, complying with existing environmental and working environment legislation.

We are responsibility for:
  • To ensure our employees a good well-being and a safe work environment.
  • To follow the law in the working environment and with a good margin.
  • To improve our services, production facilities and production processes in relation to our work environment.

The objective is zero accidents. We are working to prevent ergonomic problems and keeps us updated on the process and materials development to minimize the consumption of the working environment harmful substances.



Working Environmental Targets

Ergonomics. Our work towards achieving working environment certification OHSAS 18001 focusses on all of our employees having good conditions. We are therefore working on improving our ergonomic conditions in the areas of:

  • Work with handling and lifting boxes
  • Provision of adjustable work places in the form of chairs and tables so that strain from lifting is limited
  • Optimization of lighting conditions, since populating printed circuit boards requires the highest light intensity
  • Rotating work tasks so that repetitive monotonous work is avoided
  • Thorough instruction of employees


Zero accidents at work We do not accept accidents and zero accidents is always our ambition. We avoid accidents through prevention, carefulness and being responsible. We urge our employees to use our system for near accidents so as to ensure 0 accidents.

We comply with working environment legislation We undertake to comply with applicable legislation and other relevant requirements and we commit ourselves to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees.

We plan the work carefully We consider good planning and careful preparation as a contributory prerequisite for a good working environment. We include working environment aspects already at the project design stage and in the choice of methodology. In everyday working life, we make sure that our work places are neat, tidy and systematically equipped. 

We continually improve the working environment We are committed to continually improving the working environment and expect that all managers and employees take responsibility and learn from their own and others' experiences. In the daily work we have a focus on improving the individual tasks and the working environment. 

Working environment is a management task All of our managers are responsible for the working environment and make an active effort to ensure a good and safe working environment in our work places. Therefore, we also measure our managers’ efforts in relation to the working environment and on the working environment in their area of responsibility. 

We are all responsible for the working environment All employees are obliged to be aware of their own and their colleagues’ working environment and to intervene if they find criticisable conditions.

We focus on well-being We want to help people in relation to improving their health and their well-being both physically and psychically. We register our absence and have a target at max. 2% absence due to illness.

Employees with a high rate of absence due to sickness are invited to an interview concerning well-being at work.


The KroneSmiley

Eltwin is recognized by The Danish Working Environment and has achieved the KroneSmiley