Quality Responsibility

Eltwin's basic principle is that customers should be able to trust us and our products. Quality assurance is a prerequisite for Group Eltwin's continued development and a key reason for customers to choose Eltwin's products. 

We are responsible for: 

  • Quality being an integral part of the Eltwin culture and operation
  • Complying with Customer's quality requirements and - whenever possible - exceed them
  • Basing management of quality issues on the principle of 'zero' errors at each step in our process
  • The purpose of the development work being to create products that meet customer expectations in the right way and can be produced in accordance with the principle of "zero errors"
  • Training employees in quality issues and active and responsible full involvement in the work of achieving continuous improvement
  • Ensuring that, amongst initiatives to protect people and the environment, quality issues are given top priority when there is an error or when there is a risk of an error occurring
  • Ensuring that the quality of the supplier's work is assessed before an agreement is signed and regularly evaluating how the supplier meets the requirements
  • Regularly evaluating and documenting how the market and individual customers perceive the quality of Eltwin's products and services and respond quickly to the results of these evaluations



Quality Targets

The Eltwin Group lays down quality targets for constantly meeting the quality policy and quality objectives

Timely Delivery. "Zero errors” and timely delivery are our main target parameters for visualizing the significance of customers being able to rely on us and on our products. The target for timely delivery is an OTD of 98%

Zero Errors. A product error rate of max. 500 ppm and warranty handling time of max. 15 working days achieved through Eltwin's "zero error” philosophy, where Eltwin will work systematically with FMEA in both development and operation.

Quality is the First Item on the Agenda. Eltwin will use an integrated quality, environmental, working environment, HR - and CSR system to ensure that quality is an integral part of culture, operation and thus a responsibility that employees have accepted. 

During the first week on the job, new employees will undergo an induction process with quality as the first item on the agenda, only surpassed by environment and safety that are given the highest priority. 

Quality Approved Suppliers. Eltwin will ensure product quality by purchasing critical components and services solely from approved key suppliers that are evaluated once a year.

Satisfied Customers. Eltwin conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey in order to assess how the market and individual customers perceive the quality of Eltwin's products and services and follow-up on Eltwin’s continuous improvement. Eltwin’s target is that min. 50% of customers who are asked indicate improvement.