Energy Responsibility

Motron A/S is a distributor of sensor electronics, while Eltwin A/S is a manufacturing company developing, producing and selling electronics components for automation.

The raw materials comprise components, printed circuit boards, items produced to drawing and chemicals. The products shall typically be packaged with a user guide in the packaging and shipped to an OEM customer.

Eltwin Group wants to continuously identify the possibilities for more energy and environment-friendly production. Eltwin Group will therefore implement proposals that ensure a leading position with regard to energy efficiency and the least possible environmental impact, if these proposals prove to be profitable to implement.

We are responsibility for: 

  • Ensuring that information and all necessary resources are available in order to be able to meet the objectives and targets
  • Selecting one or more areas for a particularly thorough energy review at regular intervals
  • Focussing on energy consumption for new investments and reconstructions
  • Registering energy consumption and developing usable KPI's
  • To make visible the energy consumption of the individual employees and, together with them, clarify how they can affect the energy consumption without burdening production
  • Motivating employees to put forward proposals that can help to reduce energy consumption

The Eltwin Group complies with relevant legislation and regulatory requirements in the field of energy and other regulations which the company has endorsed.



Energy Target

Eltwin will focus on reduction of CO2 emissions throughout the value chain. That is to say that there will not only be a focus on reduction of energy consumption in production but also in the products’ energy consumption, transport of the products, employees’ travel activities and similar. Objectives and activities in the area are under preparation.



Eltwin har fokus på reduktion af CO2 udledningen i hele værdikæden. Det gælder både reduktion af energiforbruget i produktionen, produkternes energiforbrug, transport af produkterne, medarbejdernes rejseaktiviteter mv.