CSR Rapport 2020


Corporate Social Responsibility

Eltwin Group's social responsibility is reflected in our CSR policy that is based on the impact that we have on employees, the environment and society. Specifically, it is implemented in a number of activities that are directly linked to our way of doing business. 

Eltwin Group has been CSR-certified since 2014 in respect of DS49001. Eltwin wishes first and foremost to create value for our customers and owners. This work also includes the efforts to be socially responsible and responsible towards society.

Eltwin develops and produces products for the benefit of the environment. We develop the most energy correct and efficient products that, at the same time, are produced so that the components can be reused as well as possible. Eltwin documents our development in the area of sustainability openly and objectively. 

Eltwin is an opponent of all forms of discrimination and harassment in the workplace on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, sex, religion, political position or nationality. Eltwin is a spacious work place, where there is room for diversity. We have an overview of our activities, risks and stakeholders.

We work with all our key stakeholders and agree on what is most important for them and we use this knowledge in the FMEA that is our tool for risk management. Eltwin wishes to employ apprentices and support technology projects in schools. Projects that either have energy optimizing aims or are intended to improve the environment and indoor climate.

As a part of NIBE, Eltwin has endorsed the Global Compact and lives up to the ten principles that form the basis of our values in ISO26000.


CSR Targets

Eltwin Group wants to increase justice We do so by focussing on human rights, including corruption, blackmail and child labour in all our activities and promotion of human rights in the supply chain. Our CSR aim is to receive statements of country of origin from the 10 largest suppliers of components and, in the long term, no products produced and supplied by Eltwin will contain conflict affected minerals (Conflict Minerals) - Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, Gold - originating in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or the surrounding countries and regions.

It is Eltwin Group’s responsibility to ensure that the workforce will be renewed. Each year we employ new apprentices and it is our aim to have at least 2% apprentices. We want the majority to continue their further career in the company and those apprentices who, following completion of their apprenticeship training, seek new challenges elsewhere should take with them a positive impression of our company.

It is the responsibility of all employees to pass on the company values and attitudes to our students and to educate our apprentices to be good electronics technicians with a high level of professionalism.

The Suppliers shall accept Responsibility. Eltwin makes demands upon suppliers through a Code of Conduct that they shall ensure compliance with the CSR requirements in their own supplier chains. External audits, further back in the supply chain, are carried out after specific suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct. At the end of 2016, the suppliers shall have forwarded their own code of conduct or, at least, have signed Eltwin’s.

We must be Cost-effective. Eltwin Group wants to be constantly competitive and has set targets for inventory turns, productivity and savings.



Eltwin supports the Danish Hospital Clowns - a charitable organisation whose work is based on the idea that humour, laughter and smiles present the best cure. Danish Hospital Clows create magic and joy for the benefit of sick children in hospitals all over Denmark.

Green Network

Eltwin A/S er partnervirksomhed hos Green Network, hvilket betyder at virksomheden kontinuerligt ønsker at udvikle sin indsats indenfor CSR/bæredygtighed ved at dele og tilgå viden med en masse andre organisationer.

Partnerskabet betyder at Eltwin A/S har en tredjepart, der står klar med kritisk sparring og input til deres nuværende aktiviteter, og kontinuerligt har en dialog med Green Network omkring deres indsats– bl.a. med mulighed for en årlig vurdering af kapaciteten til at arbejde med nedenstående områder.


Virksomhedens robusthed og fleksibilitet ift. at kunne tilpasse sig ændringer i samfundet, lovgivning og forventninger, rettidigt og hensigtsmæssigt.


Virksomhedens kapacitet til at skabe en bedre indtjening via reduktion af spild, effektivisering og mere bevidst ressource- og energianvendelse – herunder ressourcedeling.


Virksomhedens kapacitet til at forstå, hvorledes de resurser, affald, spild mv., der kræves for at levere deres produkt/ydelse, påvirker eksistensberettigelsen for virksomheden.


Virksomhedens kapacitet og adfærd til at skabe en god arbejdsplads, som tiltrækker, fastholder og udvikler medarbejdere, samt bidrager positivt til et velfungerende lokalsamfund, hvor virksomheden har aktiviteter

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