Quality Responsibility

Eltwin A/S has since March 2003 been certified according to DS / EN ISO 9001.
Eltwin's basic principle is that customers should be able to rely on us and on our products. Quality assurance is a prerequisite for Eltwin's continued development and a key reason why customers choose Eltwin's products.

Environmental Responsibility

Eltwin A/S has since May 2012 been certified according to DS / EN ISO 14001. Eltwin have a holistic view of the environment which is indicative of the product development work and choice of materials, transportation, product feature and finally recycling.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Eltwin Group has since December 2014 been certified according to DS 49001. Eltwin A/S is the market leader in energy efficiency of electric motors. Our customers use our energy-optimized inverts among other things, for the operation of fans, pumps and compressors, to meet the most stringent requirements for energy. Eltwin's products are located throughout the world in dishwashers, mixers, heat exchangers and heat pumps and circulation pumps. It is energy efficient to use Eltwin's investors with for all motor applications where you need constant engine operation. In addition, develops and manufactures Eltwin a series of intelligent systems that help to optimize the ventilation requirements of both industrial and residential, which ultimately provides the user with an energy saving. Eltwin A/S is also one of the largest manufacturers of automatic on / off light switches, to ensure, that the light is turned on only if there is anyone in the room.

Work environmental Responsibility

Eltwin Group has since June 2016 been certified according to OHSAS18001

Eltwin prioritize the safety very high. Therefore, includes working with environmental, safety and health in our daily work on a par with almost any other activities. Our work with safety is based on two pillars - Near misses Reporting and House Keeping audits. The labor inspectorate has awarded Eltwin with "The Green Crown Smiley".