Celebration of 2 x 25 years in Eltwin

We are celebrating our two technical engineers, Lars Bernhard Sørensen and Thomas Christensen, who both have been onboard for 25 years.

Lars Bernhard Sørensen started in an electronic engineering apprenticeship for 3 years. Then followed several years in R&D creating PCB layouts and hardware development. He also became a specialist in electronic manufacturing service, ems, which led to his present role as our ems go-to-person. Today Lars is a part of our Production Technology Team where he also supports customers in technical issues, introduces new products to manufacturing operations and is our UL gatekeeper.

Thomas joined Eltwin in a multifunctional role and, at the same time, combined work and part time schooling in electronic technology. Thomas was, like Lars, a part of R&D for years gaining competencies in building test equipment, schematics, documentation and processes. He was also on the sideline when Eltwin first was certified in the Quality Management System ISO 9001. Now being a part of our Production Technology Team, Thomas concentrates on New Product Introduction, test equipment, engineer change management system and documentation.

We congratulate Lars and Thomas on their anniversaries and hope for many years of cooperation to come.