Welcome to Mads Grunnet Askholt

We are delighted to welcome Mads to our team!

Mads brings skills from the electronics industry, working with production test systems and test software development. As the new Head of Production Engineering at Eltwin, Mads will be leading the Production Engineering team, including technical leadership of few employees at our Polish site. His technical focus will particularly be on production test systems.

Mads appreciates the positive work culture at Eltwin, where innovation is encouraged. He sees great potential for development and improvement in our systems and processes, and we are excited about the fresh perspective he brings.

Outside of work, Mads enjoys his family life and has a passion for sound technology. He has made his own home theater and plays the drums.

We are confident that Mads' arrival will bring new insights and advancements to our team. A warm welcome to Mads, and congratulations on your new position!