Sharing ESG Learnings

Last week Finance Manager Torben Andersen and ESG Controller Matilde Grønlund visited our sister company within the NIBE Group, Vølund Varmeteknik A/S.

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange experiences within sustainability and ESG. The focus was particularly on how to get started with ESG reporting and give an example of the value it can add to your company.

For Eltwin Group, it means a lot to share knowledge and experiences with other companies in the same situation, especially in an area such as sustainability and ESG.

As part of the NIBE Group, Vølund Varmeteknik A/S and Eltwin Group operate within the same framework and face some of the same requirements. In this way, we understand each other’s situation. We are happy to be able to share practices and help each other among NIBE subsidiaries.