Launch of Sustainability Report 2023

At Eltwin Group we are happy to announce that the Sustainability Report 2023 has now been launched!

For Eltwin Group, 2023 has been a year driven by growth and big ambitions within sustainability.
With this year’s report we have chosen to rename our report from “CSR Report” to “Sustainability Report”, aligning ourselves more closely with the NIBE Group. The report is grounded in the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). And as a member of the NIBE Group, we adhere to their sustainability goals which are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Highlights from the report
In 2023, we initiated our first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) project. This project is essential for preparing us for future requirements, optimizing our products already in the design phase, and raising awareness about our products’ emissions.

Eltwin Group had no less than 14 students in various positions and collaborations in 2023 at our headquarters in Denmark and 12 students from Electronics Engineering at our site in Poland. We take pride in empowering the future professionals of Eltwin Group!

We have reached 82% of our sales to consist of LCE classified products. We’re proud of this contribution towards energy savings and decarbonizing heating. Moreover, 2023 was the year where our customer satisfaction survey reached a high with an average score of all questions on 7.7/10. In addition, our customer’s ranked the importance of sustainability to 9/10.

We’re proud of this year’s report full of inspiring stories.

Click through the full report. Enjoy your reading!