Seamless integration with Propane ready PURE Drives

Eltwin offers state-of-the-art technology for modern residential heat pumps, optimized to seamlessly integrate with existing system electronics. We can also assist in developing and producing additional electronic components for the heat pump.

Upgrading the heat pump design from on-off mode to stepless running of the compressor and matching the performance to the actual heating need requires efficient electronics. Additionally, with the increasing demand for online access and remote control of heating systems, potential upgrades in heat pump design may be necessary. We trust the expertise of heat pump manufacturers to address these challenges.

As electronics specialists, we can provide the electronics platform and sensors to the heat pump, matched to the need for compactness, easy installation, ready to work both in heating- and cooling mode, and ready for the new refrigerants including propane. To ease the installation, the controller and the drive can be merged into one unit, driving the compressor, the expansion valve, the 4 way valve and evaporator/condensor fan if present.

Together with our partners in the NIBE Group, we can also provide the wire harness and build it into the required box.