Accelerating the Green Transition through Innovative Solutions

For nearly five decades, Eltwin has been a pioneer in advancing power electronics, particularly in the realm of heat pumps. Our products serve as crucial components in some of the most dependable and high-performing heat pump systems available in the market.

At Eltwin, our overarching mission is to push technology forward order to create sustainable solutions for climate protection. With over 25 years of experience supplying power electronics to the HVAC industry, specifically the heat pump sector, we have continuously refined and improved the reliability and efficiency of our drives, soft starters, and controls.

If you prioritize interoperability and aim to minimize supply chain risks while optimizing system efficiency, partnering with Eltwin for innovation is a strategic choice. We offer access to cutting-edge power electronic technology and provide tailored adaptations to optimize overall system efficiency without compromising reliability or compliance. Eltwin assists in controlling and optimizing solutions across various components such as electrical motors, compressors, fans, and pumps, irrespective of suppliers.

Our collaborative approach, termed the "wining together" strategy, enables our customers to consider Eltwin as an extension of their development team and supply chain for ongoing production. We engage at multiple levels, from initial design to finished product, from prototypes to lifetime support and after-sales assistance. Years of collaboration with different OEMs have endowed us with agility and a deep understanding of market dynamics in the HVAC industry, ensuring a steady supply of products and services to our partners even in turbulent markets—a true win-win strategy.

We are excited to unveil our latest innovation—the new generation Purify 1 & 3-phase drives. These compact yet robust drives are designed to withstand high ambient temperatures and seamlessly integrate into existing systems. At Eltwin, we offer co-development and application support to guarantee maximum efficiency and performance from our drive or soft starter solutions.

With a focus on enhancing supply chain resilience and reducing CO2 footprint, the Purify generation of drives is manufactured entirely in Europe. They boast modularity and a higher degree of dual sourcing while maintaining the exceptional quality synonymous with Eltwin's design and manufacturing processes.

Looking ahead, our roadmap includes the development a new Prime range of smaller and larger drives that will fit the growing need customized solutions. We firmly believe that individually tailored adaptations of drives significantly enhance efficiency, reduce EMC noise levels, and improve overall system reliability.

Are you interested in exploring how we can collaborate to build a sustainable future? Reach out to our dedicated sales and application teams. In Europe, contact Lars Schjønning or Ruben Sanchez; for DACH, connect with Arno Mainer, and in the US, reach out to Mitch Gulseth. Together, let's take significant strides towards a better tomorrow.