Propane ready PURE Drives

The EU F-gas directive has now been signed and will come into force from 2027. Appliance manufacturers of heat pumps and chillers have expected this and adjusted their product platforms to meet these new requirements. As have we.

Propane is flammable so the appliance must be designed in a way where leaks are avoided. And if it happens anyway, the appliance must be designed to prevent the refrigerant to collect in an area where potential ignition sources are placed. If the components are designed so they aren’t a potential ignition source, there is more freedom to design the appliance in a way easing installation and maintenance.

Our Eltwin PURE drives are designed not to be a potential ignition source. To be sure, a global known third-party agency has verified and certified this. Not being a potential ignition source, the PURE drive can be placed anywhere in the heat pump if the necessary cooling is provided either via a cold plate or air-cooled via a heat sink with fins. Our mechanical designer can customize your heat sink to match the integration in the heat pump.

Due to the flammability of propane (R290), it is classified as an A3 gas. Other refrigerants like R454B are less flammable, but still flammable. R454B is classified as an A2L gas. R454B has a GWP of 148, so much more prone to damage the climate than R290, but far better than R410A. As R454B is less flammable than R290, the design requirements are also lighter when using this.

Eltwin has the combined solution, where the drive is delivered as one customized unit for mounting in an appliance, and still having the possibility to replace major parts by the OEM’s repairman or installer.