A meaningful internship

Many were challenged during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was also the case for Tobias. After a period of mental challenges, which resulted in him discontinuing his studies, he was granted a program at the folk school Gimle through the municipality.

It was through Gimle we got in touch with Tobias, who had an interest in our field and wanted to learn more about working as an Electronic Technician. An internship was established within a week, and Tobias ended up in capable hands with Jørn Trans, who is an Electronic Technician and apprenticeship supervisor with more than 25 years of experience in our Claim handling department.

Tobias shares how happy he was to start at Eltwin: "Everyone was really welcoming, and I was introduced gradually to ensure that starting a new place wouldn't be too overwhelming".

The two weekly workdays added structure and after two extensions of the internship period at Eltwin, another company now has the pleasure of Tobias full-time. Tobias elaborates: "It has been an invaluable help in the process I have been through. If I had not been at Eltwin first, I would not be able to handle being somewhere on a full-time basis."

Now Tobias is figuring out if he wants to resume his studies at the University, where he almost finished a bachelor's degree in economics. Luckily, the internship did not diminish his interest in our field, and he is also considering the possibility of studying to become an Electronic Technician. If so, we will make every effort to offer him an apprenticeship position at Eltwin.

Either way, Tobias has our full support, and we are so happy to be a part of his journey.