Join us at the AHR Expo in Chicago

Excitement is building up as we anticipate the upcoming AHR Expo in Chicago. We'll show our latest innovations in soft starters and EC drives for the HVAC industry. Ahead of the Expo, let's have a look into what sets us apart and why our products have become the preferred choice for major European and North American HVAC manufaturers.

Celebrating a remarkable 25-year journey, we take pride in being a three-generation preferred supplier, delivering excellence in soft starters and EC drives. With over a million soft starters in operation, our experience speaks volumes about our commitment to quality and reliability. Our soft starters boast high amp ratings and a plethora of benefits, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced efficiency for a diverse range of HVAC applications.

Our Propan-ready R290 drives are compact, easy to fit, and offering customization and application support. These drives are designed to deliver high performance with a remarkable temperature rating. With over 30 years of HVAC experience, our drives stand as the ideal solution for ventilation and heat pumps.

With the changes we see to flammable refrigerants our electronic contactors are designed to expand the switching capacity and lifetime of your heating elements, both resistance and induction. All our electronic contactors use LTE technology (Low Thermal Expansion).

Eltwin Group provides solutions for HVAC customers striving for efficiency and sustainability. Focused on starting and running electrical motors and compressors, our controls and HMI solutions ensure systems are not only effective but also user-friendly. Leveraging 30-plus years of application know-how across various markets and drive/control types, we offer a complete spectrum of capabilities, from custom-designed or co-designed solutions to application adaptation, prototyping, and supply chain partnerships.

Join us at AHR Expo in Chicago as we showcase our soft starters, contactors, EC drives, and energy-efficient solutions for a more sustainable future. Let's embark on a journey towards efficiency, innovation, and a greener future together!

Meet us at the Backer booth S7900 - South Building.