Supporting tomorrow's Innovations with AI

At Eltwin, we are committed to drive sustainable innovation by engineering and producing energy-efficient power electronics for climate protection. For four decades we’ve empowered companies to grow their businesses while trying to grow greener. Embracing AI is another step forward in this direction.

Our parent company, Nibe Group, have launched an AI policy, which serves as a guide to ensure responsible and effective AI utilization across our operations. This policy emphasizes our commitment to utilize the power of AI to support future growth while upholding our integrity and responsibility. Our IT Manager, Flemming Jensen, elaborates on this matter: “Incorporating an AI policy means keeping up with new AI tech while prioritizing strong security measures. It is about embracing AI's potential while responsibly upholding a strong security standard."

But that's not all!

We believe in empowering our team to navigate the fast-growing AI landscape. That's why we are offering comprehensive AI courses to our employees. With these courses we are equipping our team with the knowledge and tools needed to leverage AI responsibly and efficiently in their work. Investing in our employees' AI education, is part of fostering an environment of continuous learning and development, while integrating AI responsibly into our mission to push technology forward to create solutions for climate protection.