Empowering workplace enthusiasm

Workplace enthusiasm and well-being have always been at the heart of our company culture but we also believe that we always can do better. Therefore, last week, we gathered our Danish colleagues for an exciting meeting with 'Videncenter for god arbejdslyst', where we dived even deeper into the concept of Workplace enthusiasm. This resulted in an inspiring morning with presentations from Anette Dalum Normann and Nikolai Skjøtt as well as interactions regarding work enthusiasm and its influencing factors. It also served as a starting point for our close collaboration with 'Videncenter for god arbejdslyst' to emphasize our focus on workplace enthusiasm and well-being.

We will kick things off with comprehensive well-being assessments, followed by custom workshops across our various departments to work with the results. We are starting off at our Danish headquarter followed by our other locations to emphasize the great importance of this topic.

It is not just about being a great place to work; we are dedicated to shaping the workplace of tomorrow.