Neighbor ESD Coordinators unite for training

Our neighbors at Nolato sent their ESD Coordinator, Natalia Wionczyk, to pay a visit at our Stargard, Poland site for benchmarking, joining forces with our in-house ESD Coordinator, Amanda Panasiuk. They shared insights gained from a recent ESD training program by our partner, PB Technik in Warsaw. This experience was enlightening for both.

Amanda and Natalia thoroughly discussed the theoretical aspects of drillingwith a strong focus on the practical approach. They engaged in practical exercises related to ESD measurements and the essential documentation required for an ESD coordinator.

The exchange of knowledge through such collaboration is important in our worklife. By opening doors to peers in the industry, we multiply the value of our collective expertise, fostering innovation, problem-solving, and efficiency improvements. The interaction between Natalia and Amanda is a great example of how teamwork and knowledge sharing enrich our professional lives, improving our daily operations.

We look forward to continued collaboration and support in the future.