Welcome to Akanksha Ramteke and Nayeem Antu

We are happy to welcome Nayeem Antu and Akanksha Ramteke, who have both joined our Australian subsidiary, Eltwin Hyper.

Akanksha is originally from India, where she also took her bachelor's degree in electronics engineering and recently graduated with a master's degree in telecommunications from Western Sydney University. She has now started as a Quality Engineer and will handle all quality-related aspects of Eltwin Hyper products. Akanksha is excited to apply her knowledge from her bachelor's degree and looks forward to learning more.

In her spare time, Akanksha enjoys exploring the city she has just moved to and experiencing Australian culture.

Nayeem is originally from Bangladesh, where he took his bachelor's degree in electrical and electronics engineering. However, he moved to Australia six years ago to pursue his master's degree in electronics engineering at Macquarie University in Sydney. Nayeem also has previous experience working as an Electronics Engineer.

At Eltwin Hyper, Nayeem works as an Electronics and Design Engineer, with his primary responsibility being the design of new electronic products, covering both firmware and hardware design. When not at the office, Nayeem likes to spend time with his wife and catch up on the latest movies and TV shows.

Both Nayeem and Akanksha feel very welcome at Eltwin Hyper and appreciate the opportunity to continue learning through flexible training.

We are glad to have both Nayeem and Akanksha on the team and we congratulate both of them on their new positions.