In-Company Project in R&D

For the last six months our R&D department had the pleasure of having Jakob Nørgaard doing his In-Company Project with them. Jakob is studying a Master in Engineering – Electronics at the University of Southern Denmark, and did his In-Company Project in coorperation with Eltwin Group.

Jakob's project consisted of designing a 5 watt Flyback Converter for internal power supply of an AC-drive. As part of the project a control method analysis was conducted long with designing the coupled inductor’s stack-up, air gab etc. To verify the design of the Flyback converter Jakob build and tested a prototype.

We were so happy having Jakob on the team that we are thrilled to announce that Jakob will stay with us as a student worker in the R&D department. In the fall he will also be doing his Master's Thesis in coorperation with Eltwin Group along with a fellow student.

We are happy to continue having Jakob on board.