Welcome to Mette Schwarz Hansen, Nicole Kristensen and Emilia Madsen

We are glad to welcome Mette Schwarz Hansen, Nicole Kristensen and Emilia Madsen.

All three join our Supply Chain department, Mette as a planner and Nicole and Emilia in student jobs, in planning and purchasing, until they begin their internships in the fall. Nicole and Emilia are currently studying Value Chain Management at VIA University College in Aarhus. The same education as Mette recently finished.

Mette has experience in planning and is happy to join Eltwin as she hears a lot of good things about us. Mette says: “I like the open environment and the flat structure; it gives me a chance to learn and grow”.

Both Nicole and Emilia worked at a warehouse in their gap year and saw how much process optimization can benefit a production company like Eltwin, as Nicole says: “I find it interesting to be a part of improving a company’s workflow. That’s how I knew that Value Chain Management was the right education for me.”

For all three, the statements are the same. They feel very welcome and happy to be a part of Eltwin as Emilia put it into words: “It means a lot to have great colleagues you also feel a strong community with. There is always a helping hand here.”

In their spare time, Mette enjoys spending time with family and friends, whereas Nicole and Emilia are nature people to the core. Nicole likes to take a long walk or run – it gives her energy. Emilia, with a big heart for animals, spends her time in nature with her dog or horse.

We are happy that all three of them are a part of Eltwin and we congratulate them on their new positions.