Welcome to Ekaterina Zubkova and Nicklas Lilholt

We are pleased to present our two new interns.

Ekaterina Zubkova will join our Logistic department, where she will be helping with daily production planning and strategic Purchasing.

She studies Value Chain Management at the VIA University College, Aarhus and the internship is a part of her studies.

Ekaterina says about her new position:

- My Education and Eltwin is a perfect match where I can use my academic competencies in practice and at the same time gain hands-on experience.

Nicklas Lilholt will join our CSR & Marketing department. On daily basis, he will implement the CSR strategy and help with internal and external communication.

The internship is a part of his Master's, International Studies at the University of Aarhus.

Nicklas will attend a CSR training course during his internship, where he will acquire knowledge and develop competencies within sustainability and CSR.

Nicklas says about his new position:

- My internship at Eltwin will give me the opportunity to test my academic competencies and create a network and an idea of which direction I want to go after my studies.

We are excited to welcome Ekaterina and Nicklas to the Eltwin Group.