Kim Strøm Sørensen Celebrates His 40th Anniversary

Congratulations to Kim Strøm Sørensen, CEO of Eltwin Poland, who celebrates his 40th anniversary at Eltwin Group.

After a period as production manager and later co-owner of a former electronics company, which was acquired by Eltwin in 2005, Kim continued as production manager for Eltwin. At the same time, he started sourcing suppliers in Poland.

In 2011, Kim had a leading role looking into pros and cons of establishing a manufacturing site in the Stettin-area. By the end of that year, Kim Strøm Sørensen drove to Poland with his own private toolbox to begin building the new Eltwin-adventure. The ambitious plan was to build a site with 20 employees. In 2016, Eltwin PL had 70 employees and outgrown the facilities in Stettin. After moving to Stargard, Eltwin PL continued to grow and today it has 150 employees and a modern manufacturing site of 4,000 sqm.

- I’m really proud of the workplace we have created here. We combine Danish leadership and work values with respect of the Polish culture. We have, among other things, a flat hierarchical organization structure, and we show our employees confidence and flexibility. This gives us employee loyalty and engagement, and our employees get job security and faith in the future, says Kim.

Kim usually works two weeks in Poland followed by a week working from home in Denmark, where he has wife and family.

We congratulate Kim on his 40th anniversary and hope for many years of cooperation to come.