Peter Meineche celebrates his 25th anniversary

Peter Meineche celebrates his 25th anniversary at Eltwin the 1st of April 2020.

Peter joined – now former – IC Electronics in 1995 in the R&D department as one of the three employees. He worked with contactors and motor starters. Eltwin Group acquired IC Electronics in 2015 and Peter continued working with IC Electronics as well as Eltwin products.

Throughout his 25 years in the electronics industry, Peter specialized in mechanical engineering and 2D and 3D drawings. His responsibility in the R&D working process includes mechanical drawings and prototypes. He corporates closely with the electronic engineering team on product development and with the purchasing department on finding the best components.

In his career, Peter experienced a significant change in the working culture.

- 25 years ago we had many working functions and now working in an international company our functions are a lot more specialized.

On behalf of Eltwin, we would like to show our appreciation and gratitude for Peter’s continued employment. We congratulate him on this milestone and look forward to more years to come.