Improving our workplace ergonomics

Since many of us spend a lot of time at work, improving ergonomics in the workplace brings many noticeable benefits. Applying ergonomics will transform the workplace into a healthier, more productive, safe and relaxing environment.

As many other manufacturers, we focus strongly on accident prevention and painful injuries for our workers. Discomfort and injuries affect the person at work as well as at home and can have implications in all areas of life. Effective ergonomics reduces the risk of worker injury, and maintains or improves their health allowing workers to perform their work and enjoy improved quality of life outside of work.

Even office jobs that entail sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, an ergonomic workplace will relieve workers and prevent particularly neck and back strain.

A good help is to train our staff doing their own self-assessment to improve their workplace ergonomics.

Our proactive ergonomics plan creates a better work environment. And we care for our workers well-being and communicates it, among other, through a safe workplace and a healthy and ergonomics work culture.