Strategic Purchaser

Hanne Krone

Tel. dir. +45 44 22 06 51
Mail. hk@eltwin.dk


Purchase Manager Motron

Lone Handberg

Tel. dir. +45 44 22 06 59
Mail. lh@eltwin.dk



Mie Hansen

Tel. dir. +45 87 36 86 08
Mail. mh@eltwin.dk



Martin Christensen

Tel. dir. +45 87 36 86 50
Mail. mc@eltwin.dk


Purchases from Eltwin

Welcome to the supplier site on our website. Here you can find different relevant information, whether you are an existing supplier or potential entrant to Eltwin.
The procurement function is located in Risskov in Østlylland and is responsible for the total purchases for the entire Eltwin group.

purchasing Conditions

Our general purchasing terms you can find here:

Payment terms

Minimum Requirements; nt +90 days


If your company wants to be a supplier to Eltwin, the requirement that the supplier shall sign and comply with the Code of Conduct.


Our general qualityrequirements you will be able find here: