SureStart® - RV

Give your RV the ability to run on a smaller generator to save space and fuel.

Achieve up to 75% reduction in startup current for your AC unit.

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Supply voltages

• 115 Volts


  • RV AC units

Features and benefits

  • Novel, light weight softstart solution to operate RV air conditioning compressors
  • ON DEMAND start surge reduction by 75% to allow startup on smaller sized generators and solar-inverter based power sources
  • Integrated Generator Anti-Stall & Preload feature - Pre-empts any generator duress to temper
    compressor startup
  • Reduces startup noise for a quieter ambience
  • Seamless switching between generator, inverter or campsite power. No learning cycles involved
  • Unique inline wiring through weather proof enclosure
  • Hassle free, intuitive installation
  • Installation only requires access to compressor wiring. Minimal tools needed
  • Connect and forget - service free product
  • Readily accessible indicators for Power On and fault diagnostics

Motor Protection Functions

  • Protects the compressor/motor from stalling at low voltages
  • Delay function limits number of motor starts per hour
  • Provides motor reversal protection during short power outages
  • Internal delay timers prevents rapid cycling in fault conditions
  • Provides brownout protection
  • Self-testing diagnostics


• SS0C04-20RW